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Recent Polymer Price Reports
Engineering Recyclate January 2018
Rollovers predominate in December / Hikes probably only as of February / Base material scarce and expensive in part / Order situation still good
Standard Recyclate January 2018
Prices mainly trending sideways / Low premiums only on rPET / Increasing demand for rLDPE from China / Weak upward potential in February
Standard Thermoplastics Trend January 2018
Prices mainly following reference contracts for relevant feedstocks / Higher swings remain exception / Upward pressure having greatest effect on PP
North America December 2017
PE situation relaxes / Price explosion for propylene fuels PP price hike / PVC weaker / PS trending up / Engineering plastics also remain solid / Pressure eases somewhat
China Standard Thermoplastics December 2017
Feedstocks solid / Styrene is exception / Prices of LDPE and LLDPE decreased / Low inventories drive HDPE, PVC and PET higher / Polyolefins under pressure in January
China Engineering Thermoplastics December 2017
Scarce supply raises prices / Only PA 6 decreases / PBT unchanged / PC rose significantly / Sideways movement can result from market loosening
Russia December 2017
Polyolefins and PS stagnating / PVC plunges / Price hike for PET
Composites/GRP December 2017
Resins trend still higher / Some glass fibre products cost more towards year-end / Market nervous ahead of styrene maintenance turnarounds
Engineering Thermoplastics December 2017
Prices take off / Ascent has begun / Cost pressure and bottlenecks will continue to drive notations this month / Buyers increasingly desperate in search for material
Polyethylene December 2017
Producers unable to pass on increased costs / Tactical buying neutralises hopes of hikes / Rollover dominates / Slight upward trend probable in January
Polypropylene December 2017
Surprise surge for injection moulding / Film grade rolls over / Compounds follow propylene reference / Upward trend to continue in January
Styrenics December 2017
Increasing costs again reversing price trend / Short supply of EPS and ABS persists / Only minor price movements likely in January
PET December 2017
Small quantities catch up on price reductions / Trend otherwise increasingly upward / Imports thinning / January prices set to move sideways
PVC December 2017
Notations mainly stagnating / Suppliers intend to recover margin losses in January / Threat from exports / Titanium dioxide providing upward push on PVC-U
Base Petrochemicals, Aromatics and Feedstocks
December 2017 / January 2018
Engineering Recyclate December 2017
Only a few minor increases / Strong demand for regrind material expected in new year / Availability of base material likely to deteriorate
Producers announcements
Upcoming publication dates
Petrochemical Feedstocks/Aromatics
Standard Thermoplastics
Engineering Thermoplastics
Polyurethane feedstocks
Standard Recyclate
Engineering Recyclate
Standard Thermoplastics Trend
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New categories for petrochemicals

The important role petrochemical feedstocks and other starting materials play in price developments for polymers is becoming increasingly evident. To reflect this, PIE is now tracking and publishing both contract and monthly average spot prices for the most important petrochemicals. In addition, we will analyse the volatility of spot prices as well as the level of supply and demand.

Separate tables for Feedstocks (ethylene, propylene, styrene, paraxylene) and Base Chemicals / Aromatics (oil, naphtha, benzene) will bring market developments into the spotlight.

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