Price Reporting – Overview of Polymers, Feedstocks and Indices

PIE offers 100 different polymers, feedstocks and indices for your individual price analyses. Unless otherwise stated, the data refer to the average price based on western European contracts. The prices are based on information obtained from processors, distributors, traders and producers.

There are a number of comparative and analytical tools with which price analyses can be made:

  • MyPrices: Create your own personal website with individualized reports and e-mail alerts
  • Price Details: Detailed overview of a specific type (price, change, range, market situation, etc.), including outlook and reference prices
  • Chart Generator: Create charts and comparative illustrations using up to five different feedstocks
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Standard Thermoplastics
LDPE film
LDPE injection moulding
LLDPE (C4) film
LLDPE (C4) injection moulding
LLDPE (C6) film
LLDPE (Octene C8) film
HDPE blow moulding
HDPE blown film
HDPE injection moulding
HDPE pipe 80
HDPE pipe 100
EVA vinyl acetate up to 18%
PP homopolymer, injection
PP homopolymer, film
PP copolymer, injection
PP copolymer, film
S-PVC base
S-PVC (U) dry blends / compounds
S-PVC (P) compounds
E-PVC pastes
HIPS injection moulding
HIPS film/sheet
EPS insulation white
EPS insulation grey
EPS packaging
PET packaging
Engineering Thermoplastics
ABS injection moulding natural
ABS extrusion natural
ABS coloured
PC transparent
PC/ABS blends
PA 6 natural
PA 6 black
PA 6.6 natural
PA 6.6 GF
PA automotive natural/black, up to 30% GF
PBT natural/black
POM natural
PMMA transparent
PP compounds talc. filled 20, light colours
PP compounds talc. filled 20, dark/black
PP compounds GF2 30
Ethylene (C2) contract
Propylene (C3) contract
Styrene (SM) contract
Paraxylene (PX) contract
Benzene contract
PU MDI polymeric (isocyanate)
PU MDI pure (isocyanate)
PU TDI (isocyanate)
PU polyols flexible
PU polyols rigid
Standard Recyclate
rLDPE film natural
rLDPE film translucent
rLDPE film coloured
rLDPE film dark
rLDPE extrusion black
rLDPE inj. moulding grade black
rHDPE Pipe above 930 black
rHDPE blow moulding coloured
rHDPE inj. moulding grade black
rPP homopolymer black
rPP copolymer black
rHIPS black
rPET clear
rPET flakes clear
rPET flakes coloured
UP ortho resins (medium reactive)
Engineering Recyclate
rABS industrial grades black
rPA 6 natural
rPA 6 black
rPA 6 GF natural
rPA 6 GF black
rPA 6.6 natural
rPA 6.6 black
rPA 6.6 GF natural
rPA 6.6 GF black
rPOM natural
rPOM black
rPC natural
rPC black
rPC/ABS blends
rPP copolymer compounds, talc. filled
Reinforcements GF chopped strand mats, greater-than-or-equal 30
Reinforcements GF chopped strand mats, sheet/automotive, below 30
Reinforcements GF direct roving, greater-than-or-equal 2400 tex
Reinforcements GF assembled roving (SMC), ≥2400 tex
Plastixx and comparative data
Plastixx (polymer price index)
Plastixx ST (price index standard thermoplastics)
Plastixx TT (price index engineering thermoplastics)
A-Plastixx B+C (price index thermoplastics for construction)
A-Plastixx E&E (price index thermoplastics for E&E applications)
A-Plastixx PackFlex (price index thermoplastics flexible packaging)
A-Plastixx PackRigid (price index thermoplastics for ridgid packaging)
Plastixx Pack (IK) (price index thermoplastics for packaging)
Plastixx Composites (price index composites)
A-Plastixx AutoInterior (price index thermoplastics automotive interior)
A-Plastixx AutoNonInterior (price index thermoplastics autom. non-interior)
Exchange rate US dollar
Plastixx Price Indices
PIE’s offer also includes the “Plastixx” polymer price index, illustrating the price development of plastics in western Europe. While the Plastixx index contains the most important thermoplastics, “Plastixx ST” represents the price development of standard thermoplastics, while “Plastixx TT” focuses on engineering thermoplastics.

In addition, six “A-Plastixx” indices show the price development of a specific group of plastics predominantly used in a particular market segment, including packaging, construction, automotive and E&E.
Methodology for pricing and data evaluation
How are PIE’s polymer prices generated?

Prices are based on information obtained by PIE from plastics converters, distributors, traders and producers. They are the outcome of an online survey (panel) and complemented and weighted by detailed telephone interviews.

PIE boasts the plastics industry’s largest network of contacts. More than 600 regular panel participants in Europe ensure that our coverage is close to the market beat.
PIE Spot Price Monitor
Now available on PIEWeb:

The new weekly service is highlighting the spot market developments of the most important plastic types.

PIE Spotprice Monitor: Simply book the Spot Price Monitor as an add-on to your PIE subscription!
  • Early identification of price trends
  • Real-time information about price developments
  • Setting the trend for processors: Traders‘ prices
  • Market-driven reflection of trading conditions
  • Competitively priced addition to your existing PIE subscription
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