Information on the PIE login

For accessing the PIE Web, you need your own personal user account. The log-in details for this consist of your E-Mail address plus a self-selected password.

Set up user account

  1. For your first login, use your customer and subscription number.
    You received your customer details at the beginning of your PIE subscription. You will also find the data at bottom left on the cover sheet enclosed with every printed edition of PIE. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service (Tel. +49 (0) 6172 96 06-0).
  2. After this initial login, you can set up your new user account online and activate additional modules for individual PIE services. Only when the user account has been set up you can access the PIE web content.
  3. For your PIE login, please only use your e-mail address and your personal password.

Save log and request password

To save your login permanently, the next time you log in simply click on the box "Save login" via the login button. Your access data will then be saved on your computer.

Should you forget your personal password, you can have it sent at any time to your e-mail address via the function "Request password".

You can easily manage all user accounts. If required, account management can be limited to selected persons only. Please contact our customer service.